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Wow! I’m amazed at all the people coming on over to see me thanks to Stephanie (the Yarn Harlot) putting a photo of me with Yannick’s bowling sock on her blog from the tour stop she made here in Montreal. I really appreciate everyone stopping by, and know why you’re all here…you want the pattern!

Well, the pattern is from an old Beehive knitting pattern booklet called Beehive Knits for Men, and it’s so old that there is no date on it. Just the price ($0.35!). There is no date anywhere, but I’m guessing it’s from or pre- the 50s because it used to belong to my Bubbie who made everything in it for my grandfather “back in the day”.

Unfortunately the pattern booklet isn’t sold anywhere anymore. I even looked around online and couldn’t find it on eBay or anywhere for sale. There are other Beehive Knits booklets, but not the same “Knits for Men – with special gift section” that I have.

So guess how nice I am to you? I could have just started making photocopies or scans of the book and sending them out to everyone who inquired. But that could be in a copyright gray area and there are a lot of you asking. So I took a deep breath and called Patons themselves. What’s the worst they could have done, said “no”? At the very least I could have taken the time to send each of you the magazine in turn, and if you choose to make a photocopy of the pattern for your personal use (while you have the mag in your possession) and then forget to destroy it when you send the booklet back to me…well, I’m hardly to blame for that, am I?

Don’t worry. We don’t need to start any vintage pattern scandals over here. Patons gave me permission to make the pattern available to all who ask, as long as I let you know which of their current yarns is the substitute for the discontinued yarn called for in the pattern. (It’s Kroy Sock Yarn, by the way).

Yay! Now…before you all start writing to me with your addresses, just itching to get your needles into the pattern…I’m taking this one step further. I’ve already scanned the pattern, and tomorrow I will be attempting to put it together (with the yarn update) into PDF format. As soon as I can cobble it together I will put it up in my sidebar, available for anyone to download.

So be patient my pretties…in a matter of days (a few tops, I promise) you will each be able to download your own copies of the pattern to save and/or print, and I will be able to keep a clear conscience and sleep well at night. See how we all win? ;]

Of course, those of you who found me through the pattern are more than welcome to stick around for a while too! If any of you have blogs please email me to let me know so I can come visit you too!

Also, Bobbie wrote to tell me:
No, “baumwolle” isn’t wool; it’s cotton. “Baum” is tree and “wolle” is fiber = “tree fiber” = cotton. So, since it’s mixed with acrylic (you were right on that one ;), the tot’s sweater is probably washable. Yeah!

Very cool! Thanks for letting me know! It probably is washable…on the yarn label there is a pic of a tub with 30 in it, which I believe is the washing temperature. It can also be ironed, although the dryer pic with a big X on it leads me to believe I’m better off drying it flat. 🙂

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

6 thoughts on “bowling sock pattern

  1. Jennifer, you rock. Seriously, taking the time to call Patons and making the pattern available for everyone? That’s incredibly generous of you.

    Hope to see you soon!


  2. Happy to have deciphered for you.

    Thanks for getting the ok to post the pattern. Now I’ll be on the hunt to find my own copy of that book . . . .


  3. While bowling socks are a little too much for me (though they are totally awesome) I did want to say hello; hello!

    You can find me at .


  4. Wow-thanks for doing all that work! I look forward to getting my hands on that pattern(almost as much as my hubby looks forward to having his very own bowling socks). Meanwhile, I found another bowling sock pattern(no really!) at, if anyone is interested, this is a way cool collection of vintage patterns from the 40’s and 50’s, with a great story attached. Highly recommended.
    I’m glad I found your blog from Stephanie–will keep checking in!


  5. whoa, jennifer – seriously, you are my hero! i can think of at least two people, plus me, who absolutely NEED these socks (we are on a bowling team together, the gutterminds). looking forward to knitting these socks!

    shannon – one of 5 at


  6. yeah, you found me out I’m looking for the bowling pin sock pattern. That is very nice of Pattens to allow you to share with us, I guess you never know until you ask.

    PS I adore the ducky hat and it was my favourite thing until I saw the elephant.

    Please feel welcome to visit my blog at I’m going to learn how to knit socks at our next CRAFTERNOON and I would love to make something fun like the socks you are working on.


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