The Amazing Lace Challenge # 6 – Unlikely Model


Rules for The Amazing Lace challenge # 6 – the final challenge:

Your challenge — your final challenge — is to post a photo of your lace being proudly worn or displayed by the strangest, funniest, or most unlikely model you can find. Maybe it is human; maybe it isn’t. It just needs to be clever and unexpected.

So tell me honestly- is there a more unlikely model to display a lace wip than….

….dun dun dun….

…Optimus Prime?
Optimus Freaking Prime, people. This is TOTALLY unlikely. Just think what would happen if the Decepticons ever got a hold of this photo- he’d never live it down!

They’d be sitting around in their evil lair…discussing their plans for world domination (probably with Stewie)…and all of a sudden one of them, (I’m thinking Ratbat, trying to get some evil cred) would perk his head up and call out “Hey Megatron, guess what I saw online today?” And Megatron would be all “What?” And Ratbat would be all “Get this- Idiot Prime was on some chick’s website, and- you’re never going to believe this- he was holding up a piece of LACE.” Heads would swivel, guns would accidentally go off, and a few villains would transform by mistake in their shock. Then much laughing and ridiculing would ensue.

It would be like “Robots in Disguise? Ha! More like Robots in Drag!!”

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Lace Challenge # 6 – Unlikely Model

  1. cool model! thanks for the comment on my blog too 🙂


  2. If Optimus Prime doesn’t make it to the finalists, I think I will cry.

    This is so great!!


  3. too funny!


  4. Oh that is so great! But I’m more worried how the other thransformers will feel I think Bumblebee will be supportive though.


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