Eureka! (Or, Why I Love Yannick)


Did I ever say how lucky I am to be with Yannick?

Who else would come all the way into CSL from the WI at 9:00pm just to pick me up from a knitting meetup, AND would park the car and come in because he thought I’d rather him come in and say hi than call my cell and say “I’m outside”?

Who else would not mind stopping on the way home so I could go tan, AND decide that rather than just sit there waiting for me, he’d run into the pharmacy and buy me tampons so we didn’t have to stop afterwards?

And now, who would let me explain all the different ways I thought of to attach straps to the knitting bag I’m designing, then add one unique twist to make the bag so damn special and unlike all the other felted bags out there, AND remind me of a change I forgot to make which means I have to undo and reknit about 1/8th of what I’ve done so far but it doesn’t matter because the new way will make the bag a million times cooler?

Only Yannick. I love him.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “Eureka! (Or, Why I Love Yannick)

  1. wow. yannick – is quite the guy. i dont know many men at all that will go into a store and buy tampons for their girlfriend!


  2. Wow you definitely have a gem there. My husband would buy me tampons, but helping me with my knitting…..I don’t think so. You’re a very lucky girl, but I’m sure you deserve a guy like that.


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