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On Tuesday I was a naughty girl and skipped the gym. It wasn’t my fault- by the time I’d made it out of the grocery store and home through all the traffic I wouldn’t have had time to do the required 30 mins before the gym closed at 8pm. So I went straight home, made some supper and knit my way through the premiere of Last Comic Standing. There are a few new comics I like so far, and one old one I’ve always liked- Nikki Payne.

I used that knitting time to start working on the Lacy Shrug, which I’d already cast on for. I did about 4 rows (1 pattern repeat) then ripped it completely and cast on again. This time I actually READ the pattern, which specified doing 2 rows of stockinette stitch BEFORE getting into the pattern repeats. It helps when you, you know, pay attention. I didn’t take a pic because it’s only about an inch long. I like working with the Kid, but it does have one bad habit- it scrunches up just like the Lion Brand Homespun did. Every few stitches I have to stop and push whichever yarn content that’s getting jumbled back down, or try to knit it in. It’s not the end of the world, but it is a bit annoying. I haven’t found any shedding so far, so that’s a huge relief!

I worked a bit more on the Sunrise sock and stopped just before the short-row heel.

Last night my cousin Robyn had a little knitting get-together at her house, so I went over straight from work. At first it was just Robyn, Angela and myself, but little by little knitters showed up, and we grew to a group of seven people. Robyn, me, Angela, Sharon, Isabelle, Jennie (with cornbread!) and Kadi. I had such a good time! We had the TV on in the background, so we spent from 8-9pm making fun of B-list celebrities playing The Price is Right on Gameshow Marathon, and then 9-10pm making fun of wanna-be dancers on So You Think You Can Dance?. I worked on the Sunrise sock some more, turned the heel and started the short leg portion. I left at 9:30pm because of the downpour, and dropped Angela, Sharon and Isabelle off at the metro on my way home. I was much too tired to knit once I got home, so I curled up in bed with the Yarn Harlot’s first book (I just realized I’ve had it on my bedside table with only 10 pages left to finish for the longest time, and her 2 other books are waiting to be read).

Now I’m at work, waiting to see if today ends up having yet another rainstorm. I took a quick lunch with Debbie over at Deli Boys, and once she’d left for work I enjoyed a decaf coffee with my knitting. I’m so close to finishing this sock! I’m at row 151, the 2×2 cuff starts at row 160, and I BO after row 180. If all goes well I’ll have some empty needles tonight!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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