1 Sunrise Sock Down, 1 To Go

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Look- a sock.
I love, love, LOVE this colorway.
I think the stripes are too cute, and the sock is so bright and fun!

The Amazing Lace starts on Monday (I think) so I figured I should swatch now. As I’ve mentioned previously it’s hard to do an accurate gauge swatch, because the gauge is listed as “8.25 sts x 12.75 rows = 4″ in patt, blocked”. I can’t exactly knit fractions of a stitch, nor can I knit 9 x 13 since the pattern repeats don’t work out that way. I thought I’d managed to calculate a 7 st repeat so I did a swatch 14 sts by 12 rows, but I think I made a mistake because it didn’t really work out and by the end of it I was down to 12 sts. Come to think of it, I’m sure I was wrong in the counts because I included the end sts in the repeat, but they would actually be outside the repeat, so that’s probably where my error was. In any case, I’m sure the gauge is fine, but I had a few questions about the pattern before I begin, so I emailed the company that put out the pattern and yarn.

By the way, thanks for writing Susan! I’ll be sure to post pics and send them your way once I’m done!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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