Puss and Boot(ie)s

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I had to bring Jackie her contact lenses today after work, so I took a few extra minutes and went inside to see Bradley. What a cutie! And each time he’d grin you could just barely see his first 2 teeth…so precious. Can’t wait to have more babies to play with! (Robyn, I volunteer for baby-playing-with duty).

Then I stopped by my parents’ house before going home. My mom was super excited because our wedding invitations arrived today. I picked up a copy to bring home and show Yannick, but I don’t have his reaction yet because I haven’t shown him yet. We had a little tiff this morning and I don’t want to look at it with him while I’m still mad at him. 😉

I have to show a photo of Sam. He was very upset to find out that he is NOT an Amazing Lace team member, and actually went off to hide his head in shame. Ok, no, not really. But I do love when he sleeps covering his eyes and finally remembered to turn the camera on in another room so the “zooming” noise doesn’t startle him. For some reason he’s scared of the camera.

This morning I made a swatch before work. It took me 3 needle changes to get the right gauge, and I only did it 2″ high not the full 4″, but still, it worked. This is how the pair of booties looked when I left for work- a swatch.

This is how the booties look now that I’m going to bed. I finished the first one and am so enchanted by it! It’s the absolute cutest thing. Even Yannick kept turning it over in his hand and saying how adorable it was. Yannick. Weird.

This is the second bootie. Or, rather, it will be tomorrow when I get around to seaming it. All the knitting is done, but it’s late and I want to go to sleep now, so I’ll seam it up tomorrow night and post a pic of the complete baby set.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “Puss and Boot(ie)s

  1. Jenn – I grant you baby playing priviledges, and those little booties are soooo cute. Zeus sleeps the same way as your cute – but not Jazz. He’s too manly to do so! See ya later. Can’t wait to see the wedding invites!


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