Et Voila- le Comfort Clapotis


Here she is in her full-length glory.
The details: 1.5 sk of Bernat Baby Coordinates, 10.5 US needles.
I followed the pattern as written except I skipped about 2 full repeats
of the even section because it was going to be plenty long enough.

Here she is, showing both sides. Even though the purl side is the “right side”, I kinda like how the knit side looks too. Something about the contrast between those flat Vs and the dropped stitches makes me happy.

And finally, all packaged up, pretty and ready to go.
I’ll probably bring it over to the intended recipient on Sunday, if she’s feeling up to it.
Hopefully this will bring her a smile in a gloomy world.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “Et Voila- le Comfort Clapotis

  1. That’s really beautiful! Congratulations!!!


  2. What a lovely Clapotis, and so lovingly made. I know that the young woman will love it, and I hope that her treatment goes well.

    I like what you said about yarn wanting to be something – especially when you’re making something for someone else. I’ve seen that, too.

    I’m a fellow migraineur. Of all the medications and treatments available, the one that suits me best, still, is an old med called Fioricet, a dark room, ice behind my neck, and soft, delicate music (Anonymous 4, harp). Some of the newer meds can take the pain away quicker, but you end up feeling worse.

    If you’d like to visit:


    a/k/a/ teabird


  3. What did she think of her comfort shall? Did you give it to her yet?


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