It IS Spring, Right?

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This is the view from my front door. I should be confused…except this happens every year.

Happy Spring everyone!

I had a great time in TO over the weekend. Many amusing things occurred…most involving my family. I will put together a post of highlights as soon as my mom sends me over some pics ‘cus I forgot to bring our camera. (Ok, I forgot we even had a camera, and that we would be going somewhere camera-worthy).

I ditched going to my sister’s fashion show tonight. Don’t label me a horrible sister, she’s in 1 number right at the end that lasts about 2.5 minutes, and I’ve already seen hundreds of her dance and fashion shows. The main thing drawing me to this one was that it is hosted by Jenna and Ethan…that would be 2 winners of the TV show Survivor, and a couple, last I bothered checking. I was all excited until I woke up this morning to rain and a migraine. Plus my online TV guide didn’t work so I couldn’t tape anything…and then it hit me. I don’t need to go to a Jewish youth organization’s fashion show so I can see TV celebrities. My mom was in a movie. Technically my sister was too. I was in a made-for-TV movie. My entire immediate family was in a show on Life Network. My brother did a season of reality TV in Australia. My other brother is an extra in TV and actual coming-to-theaters movies. My cousin is a TV reporter. My other cousin works with Michael Moore and other big names. Why do I need to go sit in a crowd and be a faceless, nameless blob amongst others just to catch a glimpse of 2 people who were on TV a few times? I can pick up the phone and call a few such celebrities any time I want.

I’d rather knit.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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